Nicolaj Paradis

So I’m now a graphical interpreter and manufacturer. It all started with a worldwide competition I didn’t win.

This is a small selection of my work so far.

  • My own personal logo for future campaigns and recognition.

  • So this was the not-winning logo. I’m still fond of it though – a lot of coffee has been poured into making it.

  • A friend of mine just started an engineering company with his brother. For that, they needed a graphical identity.

  • Another talented friend of mine, have had his own music business for almost a decade, so naturally he needed something less pink.
  • Evnt is the innovation of a third friend of mine. By hardcoding he recently made and launched a website, with the main purpose to locate and present events around you. To make it more sleek and presentable, I gave him a hand.
  • Being a creative and designconscious girl, a fifth friend of mine wants to make furniture with a feminine and thoroughly feeling.

  • Herning Jagtforening A danish hunting association located in the West wanted a new identity. So they got one.

  • Spis-lam. The best and very finest lamb is being sold from a small farm in Denmark. This is their new website.

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