Red but blue

She’s not the girl in the red dress, 
with the volptious lips and peary assets.

She does not wear what everyone dictates,
nor capes herself with narcisstic takes

She’s without the way too much and overdone makeup.
The girl of my dreams, the my girl lollipop

I want to show everyone what I’ve found.
Make them jalous and feel proud

I’ve never met anything near her match.
She’s the girl in the orange shirt,
the white rebel
and the blue dress



We all have great moments in our life, but maybe we don’t realize the greatness until it’s over and gone. Good thing that we all cameras in our pockets to capture these moments and file it in iPhoto. I’ve been lucky, because somewhere along this life I learned how to multitask and enjoy while flicking away.

These are the best captured moments of my life.


With a never existing need for publishing myself on the binary waves, I do it anyway. I mean why not. This will be my portfolio and diary, cloud and reference point. With everything from music and writings, photos and inspirational thoughts, this will be updated. It will be my WordPress virgin experience, and an exercise in god knows what.